Obtaining the certificate



The list below describes the meaning of terms and abbreviations.

CA Root Certificate
A certificate whose subject is a CA and whose associated private key is used to sign certificates.
Certificate Policy

A named set of rules that indicates the applicability of a certificate to a particular community and/or class of applications with common security requirements.

The document, managed by a CA, describes among other things the manner in which Identity Certificates issued by the CA may be used and the obligations of the CA and the relevant End Entity in relation to such Identity Certificates.

The Certificate Policy (or policies) under which a certificate is issued is indicated in the 'certificate policies' extension of the certificate.

Certificate Revocation List
A digitally signed list issued by an STA to identify end entity certificates that have been revoked but have not expired yet.
Certification Authority
An entity trusted by one or more entities to create, assign and revoke or hold public key certificates.
Certification Practice Statement
A statement of the practices which a CA employs in issuing certificates. The AEGIS CA CPS describes the practices employed by the AEGIS CA or RA to support its certification services. CPS describes the procedures, and practices carried out in issuing certificates to its End Entities. To ensure a consistent level of trust, AEGIS CA sets minimum requirements, which all RAs within AEGIS community must comply with.
End entity
(End user)
A certificate subject that uses its private key for purposes other than signing certificates or an entity that is a relying party. The term end-user has the same meaning.
Public Key Infrastructure
An infrastructure (consisting of software, hardware, procedures, personnel, documentation, etc.) that governs the use of public key cryptography.
Registration Authority
An entity who is responsible for identification and authentication of subjects of certificates, but is not a CA and hence does not sign or issue certificates. A RA may assist in the certificate application process, revocation process, or both.
Relying Party
An entity which accepts and relies on a certificate.
National Research and Education Network
A specialised internet service provider dedicated to supporting the needs of the research and education communities within a country.
Top-level Domain
The last part of an Internet domain name, that is, the group of letters that follow the final dot of any domain name.

Faculties and Institutes of University of Belgrade

See the table below for the list of names to be used as OrganizationUnit.

English Serbian
Mathematical Institute SASA Matematički Institut SANU
Astronomical Observatory Belgrade Astronomska observatorija Beograd
Institute Vinca Institut Vinca
Institute Mihajlo Pupin Institut Mihajlo Pupin
Institute of Physics Belgrade Institut za fiziku Beograd
Technical Faculty in Bor Tehnicki fakultet u Boru
UOB Faculty of Architecture Arhitektonski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Biology Bioloski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Fakultet veterinarske medicine
UOB Faculty of Geography  Geografski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Civil Engineering Gradjevinski fakultet
UOB Faculty for special education and rehabilitation Fakultet za specijalnu edukaciju i rehabiltiaciju
UOB Faculty of Economics Ekonomski fakultet
UOB School of Electrical Engineering Elektrotehnicki fakultet
UOB Institute for Biological Research Institut za bioloska istrazivanja Sinisa Stankovic
UOB Institute for Applied Nuclear Energy INEP Institut za primenu nuklearne energije Inep
UOB Institute of Physics Institut za fiziku
UOB Institute for Philosphy and Social Theory Institut za filozofiju i drustvenu teoriju
UOB Institute of Chemistry Tehnology and Metallurgy Institut za hemiju, tehnologiju i metalurgiju
UOB Faculty of Mathematics Matematicki fakultet
UOB Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Masinski fakultet
UOB School of Medicine Medicinski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Agriculture Poljoprivredni fakultet
UOB Faculty of Law Pravni fakultet
UOB Faculty of Mining and Geology Rudarsko-geoloski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering Saobracajni fakultet
UOB Faculty of Stomatology Stomatoloski fakultet
UOB Technical faculty in Bor Tehnicki fakultet u Boru
UOB Faculty of Tehnology and Metallurgy Tehnolosko-metalurski fakultet
UOB University Library Svetozar Markovic Univerzitetska biblioteka Svetozar Markovic
UOB Faculty of Teaching Uciteljski fakultet
UOB Faculty for Physical Chemistry Fakultet za fizicku hemiju
UOB Faculty of Security Studies Fakultet Bezbednosti
UOB Faculty of Organizational Sciences Fakultet organizacionih nauka
UOB Faculty of Political Sciences Fakultet politickih nauka
UOB Faculty of Sports and Physical Education Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja
UOB Faculty of Pharmacy Farmaceutski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Physics  Fizicki fakultet
UOB Faculty of Philosophy  Filozofski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Philology Filoloski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Chemistry Hemijski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Forestry Sumarski fakultet
UOB Faculty of Orthodox Theology Pravno bogoslovski fakultet
UOB Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering Institut za molekularnu genetiku i geneticko inzenjerstvo
UOB Institute of Medical Research Institut za medicinska istrazivanja