Extended lifetime of AEGIS CA root certificate

Old AEGIS CA root cert is due to expire on April 17th 2017. New root cert with extended lifetime to April 17th 2027 is available for download on this link.


AEGIS CA root certificate has been updated to allow the use of new TLD for Serbia (.rs). Please use this link for additional information and instructions that should be followed by Serbian sites and users.


AEGIS Certification Authority was formed to faciliate PKI services for Serbian GRID community. AEGIS is associated with SEEGRID2 and EGEE.

AEGIS users can request personal, host and service certificates. This web site provides important CA and certificate information, as well as interface for submitting, issuing and revoking certificates.

The AEGIS CA is operated by University of Belgrade Computing Centre (RCUB).

AEGIS VO is the Virtual Organisation of AEGIS, which stands for Academic and Education Grid Initiative of Serbia. In order to become a member of AEGIS VO you must be affiliated with an academic, research, or education organisation which has signed the AEGIS Memorandum of Understanding or institution with a Grid site supporting AEGIS VO.